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Wuxi Desu New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
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Jiangsu, China
Основные продукты:PC Endurance Тарелки, PC Sun Доски, Акриловые Тарелки
Место в рейтинге 3 быстрое время отклика в Солнцезащитные листы и тисненые ПК листыTotal staff (36)Minor customizationSupplier assessment proceduresMulti-Language capability:

Polycarbonate solid sheet

Solid sheet: Solid Polyarbonate Sheet is an ideal alternative to glass. It is only half weight of glass with same thickness, but 30 times stronger than tempered glass. It is safe and has high transmittance when used as roofing system and skylight. It also offers a variety of colors which can also meet the appearance needs of different buildings.

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Polycarbonate hollow sheet

Hollow sheet: Hollow polycarbonate sheets is characterized by light weight, impact resistance and heat insulation. This kind of sheet has the superior transmittance.It is typically used for building lighting,such as ribbon skylight of plant, clerestory, garbage, carport and other places without strict UV-protection requirements.We improve the sheet with both-sided UV treatment in order to obtain the UV protection at both sides, prevent any loss due to the wrong installation so that we can extend its service life. We provide 10-year warranty.

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Polycarbonate corrugated sheet

corrugated sheet: The main material of the corrugated pc sheet is high quality polycarbonate. With the co-extruded UV protective layer,the lifespan is more than 10 years.

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Plug-pattern polycarbonate sheet

Plug-pattern: It’s easy to install,energy-saving,light and durable.

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